NH: Beneath the Commune

June 11 – July 9, 2022


DauLang is delighted to present NH: Beneath the Commune, the first exhibition by Tai Shani in South Korea, and the inaugural show at DauLang’s Yongsan space. Tai Shani (born 1976 in London) is a Turner Prize-winning, London-based artist who works across a variety of media, bringing together writing, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, painting, and film. Highly literary, Shani’s practice draws from classical mythology, esotericism, and the feminist science fiction of authors such as Octavia E. Butler and Marge Piercy to create intricate narrative worlds that seek, in the words of the writer Bridget Crone, ‘to expand the bounds of the feminine’. In her texts, and in the visual and performance work that derives from them, Shani draws the reader/viewer into imaginative worlds of eroticism and violence that deterritorialize bodies and destabilise genders to imagine pre-patriarchal pasts and post-patriarchal futures.

오는 6월 다울랭 갤러리는 타이 샤니(Tai Shani)의 첫 번째 아시아 개인전인 ‘네온 상형문자: 공동체 저변에서 <NH: Beneath the Commune>’를 선보인다. 1976년 런던 출생의 타이 샤니는 터너 프라이즈 수상 작가로 다양한 매체를 넘나들며 글, 조각, 설치, 퍼포먼스, 사진, 회화와 영상을 아우르는 창작 활동을 해 왔다. 고전 신화와 에로티시즘, 옥타비아 버틀러 (Octavia E. Butler), 마지 피어스 (Marge Piecy)와 같은 작가의 페미니즘 공상과학 소설에서 영감을 얻은 샤니의 작업은 작가 브릿지 크론(Bridget Crone)의 말을 빌리면, “여성의 경계 확장”을 추구하는 복잡한 내러티브 세계를 창조한다. 텍스트와 이에서 비롯된 시각예술 작품, 퍼포먼스를 통해 샤니는 관람객들을 에로티시즘과 폭력의 상상 세계로 초대한다. 육체가 탈영토화되고 성별을 불안정하게 하는 상상의 세계에서 관객은 가부장제 전의 과거와 미래를 숙고하게 된다.


Tai Shani, Bas Relief, 2022, MDF
Jesmonite, 105 × 155cm

Tai Shani, Untitled, 2022,
Watercolourpaper, 115 × 150cm

Tai Shani, Canopic Jar, 2022, Polystrene Jesmonite, glass, wire,
LED lights 165 × 70 × 70cm

Artist profile

Tai Shani was born in London in 1976, grew up in Goa, and has lived in Brussels, New York and Florence. Tao Shani’s practice encompasses performance, film, photography and sculptural installations, frequently structured around experimental texts. Talking inspiration from disparate histories, narratives and characters mined from forgotten sources, Shani creates dark, fantastical worlds, brimming with utopian potential. In 2019 she was jointly awarded the Turner prize with the three other shortlisted artists.